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I've decided, since my birthday's in a week, I take back some of the things I said in my last journal entry.… Don't get me wrong, getting old is fucking depressing. Every time I see teenagers and wish I could be young and cool again, I feel compelled to take a pill or two and go to bed. But if you want to wish me a happy Birthday, you're free to do so. :) Take care. 

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John Elliott Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Name: John

THINGS I LIKE: my friends; my family; everyone who's supported me on DA; 80s and 90s nostalgia entertainment; sportcoats; TV actresses - and their personalities (Please note: I am *NOT* a stalker); stylish hooded jackets; large breathable T-shirts; Xanax; money (Who doesn't?); many types of music; people who can agree to disagree.

THINGS I HATE: censorship; Christmas; not having transportation; liars; people who steal from me; my own birthdays; negative male stereotypes (meaning, I don't care about using women as sex objects); a large percentage of the human race; my own lack of self-control; strict prescription laws; Tazadone; people who don't mind their own business; artistic elitists; musical snobs; nonconstructive criticism; being too depressed to draw; greasy-tasting food.

my name is john. i've been drawing and playing video games since i was a kid. i have autism, which should tell you a little about me. just like some of you, i tend to get a little emotional and neurotic. a lot of things can in fact be overwhelming for me.

i don't really believe in first impressions because most of the people i meet start off one way and turn out differently once you really get to know them. the majority of the people i encounter are liars and backstabbers, while others seem strange at first glance but turn out to be decent.

i also have a lot of shallow, unrealistic dreams that i continue to chase after. (if you've got any of your own, don't stop chasing them. you have my support.) my dreams include: making music, designing video games and meeting as many celebrities as i can.

I also want it to be understood (carved in stone) that I don't care about sleeping with women. I'm not one of those sexual male stereotypes. I maybe passionate and some women can bring out the maniac in me, but I always prefer to express my warped mind artistically and keep it low-key for girls. I'm very awkward around them though. (I'm not a mind-reader so I don't know how a girl feels about me)

i need to also add that i like to push the envelope at times and shock and titillate viewers with my artwork - as do many filmmakers, authors, musicians and video game designers - so don't even dare label me as atrocious or corrupt just because i make artwork of that kind even though i'm not yet affiliated with the industry.

if you have any sense, you will notice that A) here in AMERICA we have the commonly overlooked FIRST AMENDMENT and B) even i have my own standards when it comes to the artwork i create, so i'm just human like any other artist. my goal is not to offend you, but really just to raise a few eyebrows and make a few jaws drop.

I'm only here to shock, not offend anyone.

a piece of paper and a pen alone never harmed anyone.

I just want to let out my inner turmoil after having such horrible luck with women and being denied my dreams of fame. Now, in the fine words of "Click, Click, Boom" by Saliva, "Just sit back and let me have your head for a minute." I have a personality that has yet to be expressed properly to the whole world.

Things I try to do on a daily basis (but usually fail at):
-drink plenty of water
-practice vocals
-practice all instruments
-work on art
-study words and definitions
-manage anger/think of the consequences

Favorite Fonts:
-Amphion Bold
-Aragon (digital)
-Architext Ultra-Light
-Blue Highway (casual)
-Century Gothic
-Certified (casual)
-Checkbook (digital)
-ChiTown Regular (casual)
-Choujun Normal (digital)
-City Of (casual)
-Cranberry Gin Regular
-D3 PipisimW (digital)
-Emancipation Light (modern - the NEW medieval IMO)
-Existence Unicase Light (casual)
-Freak Turbulence BRK
-Gulim (similar to Arial)
-Neuropol (digital)
-OCRA Extended (digital)
-TW Cen MT

Favourite genre of music: punk, techno, alternative
Favourite cartoon character: bart simpson
Personal Quote: I was born during a decade of excess... I more than likely added to it.

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Happy birthday! :)
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It's not the getting old part that shouldn't bother you.
Do you look your age? There are quite a few people here in DA that look
younger than the age that they tell me. :D Case in point
It's all in your state of mind; that's all.
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have a amazing birthday pal
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